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Dis = Distance

The first number is miles, kilometers or blocks to the convention center. If the hotel is in the USA or Great Britian the distance is in miles for driving or public transportation. If the hotel is in any other city the driving or public transportation distance is in kilometers. The letter stands for (W)walking, (P) public transportation or (D)driving. The last number is minutes to the convention center. A blank means no information is available.

For example: 3W5 means the distance is roughly a 3 block walk to the convention center which takes five minutes.

For example: 8D15 means the distance is roughly a 8 mile drive(if hotel is in USA or Great Britian OR else it is an 8 kilometer drive for a hotel in different country) to the convention center which takes approximately fifteen minutes.

For example: D15 means the distance is a drive which takes approximately fifteen minutes to get to the convention center.

Information regarding this offer is based either on the statement of the corresponding hotel or hotels guide. BHP does not guarantee this information.

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