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At Beverly Hills Premiere, The Future is Today!

Beverly Hills Premiere Tour Operator is an Incentive House / Meeting Planner which specializes in bringing Incentive and/or Convention groups from other countries to the United States, Canada and Europe. Our business is to provide as much or as little service as an individual group requires. At a minimum, we would generally provide hotel rooms for the group’s stay... or we are capable of handling all aspects of the their visit, including full ground management services. We can create a complete travel package from source to return ... or we can provide only specific services, according to the needs of the individual client.


Our company is a very large buyer of hotel rooms for the many Incentive and Convention groups we serve. We are one of the largest purchasers on this continent of such group rooms as we buy tens of thousands of room nights each year, all across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Additionally, we are a major purchaser of group-related services such as ground transportation, restaurant and meeting services, etc.
Although we perform many services, we are not a travel agent as we are the actual buyer of rooms and services. Generally, we do not handle groups of less than ten rooms nor do we usually work in FIT or leisure travel areas. We are a "response" company which fills the specifically requested needs of our clientele.

Picture, Courtesy of the Westin Horton Plaza San Diego

Company History:
Our company was created in 1983. At that time it was a local Southern California enterprise which offered luxury transportation in limousines and sedans to VIP individuals and groups.

In 1989, our company was invited to provide services to the L’Ermitage group of hotels which included the Bel Age, the Mondrian, the L’Ermitage and others. We stayed in the luxury ground transportation industry until June of 1993 at which time the limousine department was sold to Beverly Hills Premiere Limousine Service. This was done so we could focus our attention and efforts on the touring business, specifically on the Incentive and Convention markets. We continue to utilize the services of our former limousine company as they assist us in providing ground transportation throughout the U.S. and Canada.



  • On-site logistic support including ground transportation, restaurant and hotel dinners, gala dinners and functions, meetings, sightseeing and shopping excursions, local tours, etc.

  • Trip planning for Incentive and Convention groups, including Pre and Post Tours.

  • On site assistance: Our employees and assistants are fluent in many languages; we can assist groups in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese.
    Our staff is available to the group 24 hours a day
    and is usually provided at no cost.
    (There could be a charge for a small group.)

  • Hotel reservation and check-in support. We arrange a private hospitality desk for our groups so our own on-site employee can assist in reservations. We make advance arrangements so that each guest receives his key, breakfast coupons, a hotel brochure, and information about the city at this private hospitality desk.

  • Convention registration assistance: prior to arrival, we pick up convention material packages from the convention center and deliver these packages to each guest, either at the hospitality desk or to his or her hotel room.

  • Physician assistance: should a physician require assistance in registering or attending a specific        conference at a convention, we can arrange this.



Our clientele consists mainly of multi-national companies who send groups of their employees or guests to the United States, Canada and Europe, usually for incentive tours or conventions. These groups most often come from Western Europe, the Pacific Rim or Central and South America. (Of course, we are pleased to welcome groups from anywhere in the World.) We also serve as the in-bound operator for our correspondent tour operators from other countries.


Should you wish to obtain references, we are pleased to offer them. Please communicate with
David Galiani, Vice-President. He will be honored to be of service to you.

Our company is completely computerized so that every department (Operations, Billing, Sales, Room Acquisitions, Contracts, Communications, Legal) can communicate instantly with our clients, suppliers or other departments. We employ our own Programs Analyst and a Programming Staff; they have created custom computer programs for us which are beyond anything our competitors can access. As a result of these state-of-the-art programs, we can instantaneously access any data in our files, which are voluminous. These programs allow us to maintain effectively the thousands of contracts per year that we generate. These programs allow us to effectively monitor the millions of dollars per year which move through our companies. These programs allow us to reach our clients, over nine hundred of them, or we can communicate with over four thousand hotels; all at the touch of a button.



We maintain a Room Acquisition Department whose only function is to purchase blocks of rooms, often years in advance, in anticipation of the needs of our clients. The four people who work in this department have only one job: to locate the most desirable and suitable hotels at the best possible prices and with the best possible terms. As a result of their efforts, our standing inventory is second to none, both in the quality of hotels available and in the rates we offer. We also receive requests for events which are outside our inventory. In these cases, our ability to communicate with hotels almost immediately allows our buyers to quickly determine which hotels are available for our client. We respond to most inquiries within 24 hours. 


When negotiating to buy hotel rooms, one very important part of the process is to demand that all contracts with hotels permit no relocation of guests. You may be aware that it is common practice in the hotel industry to overbook hotels and to retain the option to move groups to other hotels at the last moment. This policy is unacceptable to us; we will never permit a relocation clause in any contract for any hotel rooms we purchase. We believe we are alone in this as we regularly hear stories where less sophisticated tour operators have had their groups relocated at the last moment.

Our Contracts/ Legal Department reviews every contract in order to protect our clients and ourselves. Before any contract is signed, it has been examined in detail to be sure that the terms are fair, reasonable and enforceable. In the past three years, we have had to take legal action several times as a result of attempts by hotels to relocate our clients, even when our contracts did not permit this. In each case, we were successful in obtaining emergency court orders forcing the hotels to honor the contracts.

Our most recent legal action took place in Denver when a hotel attempted to move our group after overbooking itself by forty percent. The court order we obtained stopped the relocation and the group stayed without incident in the hotel they expected. Frankly, maintaining a Contracts/ Legal Department is expensive but we feel it is our obligation to protect the interests of our clients. In the past few years, we have taken legal action to support seven of our clients. In every case, we were completely successful. In every case, no part of the legal expense was passed on to our clients. In every case, our groups stayed at the hotels as planned and did so without incident. In all our years in business, no client of ours has ever been relocated and no client has ever been refused the rooms for which we had contracted.


From the very beginning, it has been our company’s intention to do things differently from our competitors differently and better. For instance, when we created our Medical Convention Division, it was the practice among our competitors to shop for hotel rooms at the last moment and then only in response to a specific request. Of course, buying at the last moment meant paying the highest prices for hotel rooms so clients were disadvantaged. In 1993, we decided it was preferable to secure blocks of hotel rooms two to four years in advance, thereby obtaining lower room rates and a better selection of hotels. We then published our inventory and offered it the appropriate buyers in the medical market. We were the first in our industry to create an advance inventory and to then publish it; now everyone does.

Another example: In an attempt to more properly serve our clients, we chose to commit hundreds of thousands of dollars to create computerized programs and communication techniques which did not exist at the time. Our competitors told us we were foolish but we persisted. Those competitors are still dialing hotels one at a time, trying to find hotel rooms and trying to get competitive rates. We do it all in moments.


Due to our ever-expanding vision of what our company could be and will be, growth here has been exponential. From the very beginning, all profits have been reinvested in the technology of tomorrow so that we could do the best possible job to serve you today. We invite your interest and you comments. We hope we may be of service to you.

Gabriel Azoulay, President
David Galiani, Vice-President.

For more information, please contact bhp@bhpmail.com or (310) 360-9835.
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